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    Taking care of you from home
    Portal 724s mission is to modernize the health system sector, to extend care and to help
    patients as they contribute to their own health and quality of care.
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    Mobile turnkey health
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    Portal 724 designs powerful solutions purposely-built to meet
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Our Remote Patient Monitoring Solution »

What we specialize in

  • Portal 724 is an innovative telehealth solutions provider.
  • We are dedicated to improving the health of our subscribers from the comforts of their homes through remote patient monitoring.
  • We are a multi-service supplier of information technology, information systems and hosting solutions with over 20 years' experience in business process automation.

What makes us different

  • Our proprietary tablet, scale, blood pressure monitor, Medical Event Monitoring System (MEMS) are created by our own hardware design team and factory specifically with patient and doctor needs in mind.
  • All products are vetted by a highly experienced quality assurance team.
  • High quality products and services.
  • We have FDA Approved Devices.
  • Our Private Cloud is ISO 27001 Certified.

About Portal 724

Portal 724 was founded in 2007 by a former Panasonic Corporation executive with a vision to provide expert services in a dynamic market. Having served one of the first vendors of the CCHT program, Viterion, a former subsidiary of Bayer HealthCare, the Portal 724 team has a strong and enduring background in resolving healthcare needs with technological solutions.

Contracted to support a 25,000-patient program to monitor patients with Congestive Heart Failure ("CHF"), Portal 724 developed a turnkey Telehealth solution, which included providing data management, creating proprietary tablets and weight scales, and developing an FDA-approved software application.

As a supplier of information technology, information systems and hosting solutions, the Portal 724 team has over 20 years of experience in business automation solutions.

Portal 724 offers custom IP solutions such as portal applications, managed hosting, IS helpdesk, ASP/ISP consulting services and embedded software technology that are all designed for effective dissemination to consumers, sales companies, distributors, dealers and factories.

Fully integrated and scalable solutions


What is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

RPM technology extends the monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinical settings and into the convenience of their own home. This will not only increase access to care but also decrease healthcare delivery costs.

Proactively Manage Symptoms

By effectively evaluating data.

Provide Comfort

By keeping patients in their home environment.

Manage Cost

By lowering the cost of health care.

Our Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

Our solution benefits patients and their families, physicians and health insurance providers

One convenient kit of bluetooth enabled devices

Our Portal 724 kit contains all the devices needed for remote patient monitoring

Medication Event Monitoring System (MEMS)

It integrates medication bottle, smart cap, pill dispenser, embedded computer, embedded cellular modem and tamper-proof apparatus into a portable, easy-to-use device.

  • This device is capable of transmitting pill dispensing events from the patient’s home to the cloud over cellular and IP networks. Transmission is done in real time if cellular coverage is above 1-bar. However, if a signal is not available or is below the 1 bar threshold, then the device's Store-and-Forward feature automatically activates.
  • The bottle cap records the number of pill dispenses, with date and time and device ID. The purpose of this electronic monitoring is to monitor compliance with a medication regimen.
  • This technology has been used in the past to record patient compliance, and to provide medication consumption history to patients.
  • Electronic assisted compliance is not the only MEMS' indicator, it is also used in conjunction with demographics, clinical state and symptoms to learn more about patient characteristics that influence adherence to a medication regimen.
  • Portal724-MEMS is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant and ISO 27001 certified (information security and data management). Electronic data capture, data transfer and data access are all confidential and secure during every stage of data transmission.

Portal 724 Interactive Response Technology

IRT Driven Services

We create Interactive Response Technology (IRT) systems that automate patient and drug management, reduce errors and increase efficiency.

As one of the few IRT specialists in the world, we have the expertise to completely personalize systems that put you in control of your clinical trials.

Our 4 core areas of expertise are:

  1. Device Management: Deployment, monitoring and remote upgrades.
  2. Disease Management: Creating programs to help keep track of patient results.
  3. Drug Management: Medication event monitoring.
  4. Quality Commitment: Our Quality System maintains a sharp focus on the quality of the IRT.

Mobile Device Management

Tablet Hardening & Remote Control

GUI Installer

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